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We tend to think of culture and biology as two entirely separate things. We talk about man-made things and natural things as if there’s no overlap. But what the nascent field of cultural evolution tells us is that the mechanism whereby ideas come to spread throughout the human population is exactly the same as the mechanism whereby genes spread throughout a population.

Take a new recipe for example. Let’s say I write a new recipe for a cheesecake and post it online. If the recipe is good, people will recommend it to their friends and it will end up spreading…

We’re living through interesting times. At the exact moment at which it becomes necessary for us to unite in order to survive, comes a planetary crisis with a stark reminder that we are all in the same boat. Because that is where we are, where we always have been. On a little blue boat bobbing through the vast nothingness of space. An evolving, self-reflective, co-creative miracle.

For better or worse, humanity is the crew of that little boat. But instead of peering towards the bright future which we can see on the horizon, instead of working together so we can…

The universal man

“Make no mistake: our survival is at stake here. We have repeatedly failed to stay within the modest targets politicians have set themselves. Humanity’s only way out of the problem is to form a united global co-operative that spans the planet. Then the tragedy of the commons disappears. In many ways this is already happening. As the Ancient Greeks imagined, we must be as cells in the great body of humanity.

This is not an idealist’s pipe dream. …

Sam Harris vs Jordan Peterson

“Both are right. The moral teachings in the Bible are indeed evolved wisdom and their success in helping promote stable cooperation amongst large groups of people is testament to their enduring value. However, the moral truths to be found in the Bible are still old. They speak to a certain stage of cultural evolution, solving problems relevant to that stage, but not necessarily modern ethical problems like climate change or the gender pay gap.

This evolutionary perspective reveals the fact that Peterson and Harris are speaking from different developmental stages. Both are right. But both are partially right.”

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In the 15th Century China shut its doors to foreigners and new technologies. In 2017 Rod Coddold, a foreigner who had long since shut his doors to new technologies, went to China and bought a smartphone.

The events that followed are described here.

Day 1

Don’t know how to use it. It’s like everything is written in Chinese.

Day 2

Everything I wanted a smartphone for turns out to be censored here. Google Maps, Facebook, Gmail, all banned. And everything else that I need — Uber, food delivery, and all the alternatives to Google Maps are all in Chinese. …

“We delude ourselves that our political opinions are based on facts and logic. The truth is that in nearly all cases we ascertain the selfish position first and construct a rationalisation for it afterwards. And as soon as our viewpoint is well bedded, cognitive bias kicks in. We begin to read the world from that standpoint alone, selecting the facts to fit it until it becomes clear and unassailable.

We must mistrust our reason wherever our self-interest, material or social, is concerned.”

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“We don’t have to be enslaved by our evolutionary programming. Because evolution has also blessed us with foresight and reason. We have the ability to make ourselves aware of the hidden forces which drive our choices — and then break from them once we realise that they no longer serve us.

When we cultivate an awareness around our choices we turn our intelligence towards its true purpose. Instead of being blind victims of forces beyond our control, we become conscious agents, deliberately designing our lives to unleash our evolutionary potential.”

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Before the trade embargo was lifted, a US government agency tried to infiltrate the Cuban hip-hop scene in an effort to stir political unrest. They met with the politically vocal group Los Aldeanos, promoting them with their own TV channel and distributing their music on the black market to avoid government censorship. Los Aldeanos later went on stage at an independent music festival in Cuba and launched a tirade against Raul Castro’s government.

The plan backfired.

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